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Our own process

Through investigations made in our plants, we have attained to perfect and to document our own processes to furnish products with recognized levels of excellence.

We integrate all our components

Gonher de México is always committed to deliver the best quality products for the domestic and international auto parts market; we know that the best way to guarantee the quality of a finished product is to assure the quality from all its components.

For that reason, Gonher de Mexico is one of the few plants that manufacture all their parts: we manufacture each element and we integratedcarefully to assure as the manufacture as the assembly will satisfy the quality and performance demands

The integrated production of our filters, in addition to support the final consumer facilitating the installation in any type of engines, gives complete security, because each one of the parts of the filter is guaranteed by Gonher guarantee, synonymous of quality and service.

They are many pieces that we integrated in our filters. Almost 50 years of experience in this field, guarantee the quality operation and fitness in the most used engines of the market.

A complete filter

Our filters are integrated completely, ready to be delivered to the final consumer and to facilitate their handling. Also, all our products are protected by the Gonher guarantee

Investigation and development

Striving a continuous improvement

Concerning the Investigation and Develop Departmentt, Gonher of Mexico is state of art- company as they have a technical department and certified laboratory. Gonher I and D Department, following the trend of the automotive industry, are generating permanent continuous improvements on the operation of the product, according to the growth or recession, with the same or greater efficiency and duration.

Groups of engineers are working on different investigation projects in the areas of Materials, New Processes, New Equipment and New Products, according to the necessities and tendencies of the national and international market.

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50 years of experience
Production lines with state of art- technology
Efficient formula: Cells of manufacture and units of business
»The laboratory
A unique laboratory in Mexico
We integrate all our components
»Research and development
Striving a continuous improvement