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Continuous Certification

Both México plant and Monterrey Plant have the QS-9000/ISO-9002 Certification, proving the fulfillment of the highest requirements of the automotive industry. At this time, Mexico plant works on the implementation of an Environmental Management System to meet the requirements of the ISO-14001 Standards.

Production lines with state of the art technology

Gonher has two plants in Mexico which generates most of the production of oil, fuel, air and water filters. The filter production
 plants are located in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon (known as Monterrey Plant) and Tlalnepantla, state of Mexico (known as
Mexico Plant).

Gonher de México was founded in 1953, starting up the Monterrey plant. It was a small place of only 100 square meters and one production line based on four types of oil filters for automobiles and agricultural tractors applications.

 Due to the great demand for quality filters, the company focused its efforts on growing, and in 1973, it began production at the present plant in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon. Today, this plant occupies an area of 40,000 square meters of operation with the most modern equipment and highest technology. This plant ensures supply to meet the demands of the spare parts market and the OEM assembly plants, as well as private brands for the national and international market.

 In 1967, Gonher started what it is known as the Mexico plant, Segher de Mexico, a manufacturing company of oil, air and fuel filters for the automotive industry. It is in May 1997, when the trade name changes to Gonher de Mexico and the facilities started to be known as the Mexico plant of Gonher Group.

This plant has a constructed surface of 5,000 square meters with more than 130 workers who are the main production forces to manufacture over 8 million filters per year.


  Today, the México plant has a production line of containers for filters stamp unit type, an assembly line for sealed unit filters production, and an assembly line for the production of plastic gasoline filters.
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